Removing an engine from a 48 Hudson

DoctorvauxDoctorvaux Posts: 35Member
I need to remove the engine from a 48 Super six. It has a non original wide block 262 fitted with an overdrive transmission.  If I remove the radiator, front grille, can I avoid having to remove the hood ?  I intend just removing the engine on its own.  Thank you for any advice.


  • kamzackkamzack Posts: 473Senior Contributor

    People have different ways of pulling engine from the stepdown. I wouldn't count of not removing the hood. Remove radiator and latch panel and you'll have clearance. I pull engine and trans together. One of the risks of leaving trans in the car is the throw out bearing seal. You could ruin it coming out and or going back in. Alignment of out put shaft to the clutch is critical. Has to nearly perfectly aligned or seal will be ruined. That causes more work and expense. If you don't have a shop manual, recommend getting one.

    Wish you success


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,935Senior Contributor
    I doubt that you  would have enough lift with the hood on. 
  • DoctorvauxDoctorvaux Posts: 35Member
    Thank you both for your advice, much appreciated.   I do have a shop manual.
  • kamzackkamzack Posts: 473Senior Contributor
    Also Suggest using a lift  leveler. connects to 4 points on the engine and allows being able to change angle coming out and going back in. Makes it easy for one person to do the job. I don't like help, can't control helper but can the leveler.
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