1937 Hudson Series 73 Tail light Lenses

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I have put this question on the back burner since there have been so many other pressing issues to work on with my 37 Hudson Business Coupe (series 73) but here it is; What should the tail light lenses be in my coupe?  I believe since it’s a Hudson 122” wheel base vs Terraplane 117” wheel base that it should have the Hudson tail lights like a big 4dr sedan.  Can anyone confirm this?  Does anyone have the originals?  

Here is what it currently has: 


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    The first example (at the top) is correct for all 1937 Hudsons (not Terraplanes).  I believe that image is of the one that the Eshelmans reproduce, for about $100.  The lens shown in the lower two views is neither a Hudson nor Terraplane lens.  The Hudson lenses tend to be scarce but the real Terraplane lenses are not quite so hard to find, so you might consider installing one as a "place-holder" until the real thing comes along.  I think the Eshelmans make repros for that one, as well.
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    I'm pretty sure EMC repops them.
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    They make them #23B  $100.00 ea.
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    Yes, I’d seen they make a plastic version at $100 a piece & while they look nice, it’s still $100 each.  I can see why someone cut something else up to go in there, that’s pretty expensive for replacement lenses.
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    If $200 for a pair of correct repro lens for your 83 year old Hudson is too  much, perhaps you should consider taking up a cheaper hobby.......
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    i agree Ken these guys buy old cars then whine how much it costs to restore them!
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    I personally applaud ANYONE who tries to keep Hudsons running and tries to keep them going on any budget that they can afford. I fear that it won't be much longer that no one will want or care what about a Hudson, Essex, or Terraplane. Families will throw out irreplaceable parts just because they don't want to be bothered with them as the elders in this club pass on. Everyone has a budget and everyone is at different points in their life. I don't feel that the last two posts were appropriate or necessary. I have great respect for the individuals that posted those comments and don't think that what they said was necessarily meant that way.
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    We're lucky that Greg is reproducing these things. 

    However, you can still find stuff cheaply if you look around.  Keep photos and dimensions of the correct (glass) lenses handy, for whenever you plan to attend a car flea market, or cruise the internet for parts.   For example, I happened onto a discussion at the H.A.M.B., where a guy had picked one of the Hudson lenses and was asking if anyone knew what it was.  That's a definite opportunity to contact him and make an offer!

    As we older guys depart, or cut down on our possessions, our parts hoards come onto the market and are available to other collectors .  Not too many years years ago I was at the Hudson flea market at Carlisle (during the Hershey show).  A guy was obviously clearing out the stash of spare parts he'd accumulated, and had a complete 1937 license plate light for $10.  It had a lot of layers of dirt on it but when I got it home and cleaned it up, I found it was NOS! 

    Keep looking and ye shall find!
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    Our mark (Hudson) is a small group & I don’t mind someone busting my chops now and again.  Typically it’s someone I know well & we both get a laugh out of it.   

    Unfortunately I know of quite a few people who have gotten tired of disrespectful comments on the forum and it ultimately drove them away.  There is such a wealth of knowledge from so many generous people on the forum such as Ken, Geoff, Jon & so on.  I would hate to see anyone alienated from our interactions here.  

    Personally, I don’t mind paying a fair valve for hard to find parts but when one can find virtually every other marks lenses for under $40 for a pair, original glass or reproductions, it’s hard to swallow $200.  Honestly, I have felt comfortable enough with our forum to at times share a frustration or two and have found some extremely kind & motivating responses from individuals I now call friends.  I would hate to lose the ability to continue to make such great friends.  
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    I think several of the vendors have over priced some of the repop items.  I know it takes time and money to create the molds and then market.  However when looking for a 'supersix' plastic emblem and seeing the repop price at $200 that seemed ridiculous.  I found a perfect used one for about $32 on eBay.  Likewise the rubber seals that fit under the the windshield wiper towers at $28/pair seems excessive.  These people need to make a living but these cars are not in the packard, duesenburg, Bugatti class.  They are orphans with a middle class heritage.  Additionally lenses such as that can be cast in molds by any of us as seen in how-tos on you tube, but you need a part to copy.  Some may agree/disagree so have at it.  Won't hurt my feelings
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    The lenses are expensive but are great quality I recently brought two for my 35 Hudson 8 coupe and I'm very pleased with them the reality is there is a lot of time and expense making them. I live in NewZealand and they owed me about $400 by the time they got here so $200 is cheap
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