‘47 Hudson Grille and a lesson re-learned.

I am in the process of reassembling the front end of my ‘47 pickup. I had everything apart for painting and took the opportunity to rebuff most of the stainless. The bottom picture shows the back side of the upper grille bar.  The machine screws are welded into a bar that slides into the stainless strip and keeps the correct spacing for assembly. I didn’t pay much attention to these screws and nuts when I took everything apart.  Usually I use new hardware when I reinstall parts like this.

When I had the stainless strip in position and tried to install new 10-32 nuts on those machine screws, they didn’t fit.

uh-oh. What’s going on here?  Time to get out the thread pitch gauge.  It turns out that those machine screws are size 12, and not only that, they are 12-28.  I haven’t run across anything size 12 in years, and it is not something found in your local hardware store (unless the store has been around forever and still has old stock on the shelf). I didn’t remember offhand what I had done with those 12-28 nuts  I had taken off, and hoped I had not tossed them out.  I found the baggie that had all the other trim fasteners from the grille in it, and there they were.

The lesson re-learned is simple. Bag it , tag it, and never throw any of this old stuff away.  It might turn out to be something difficult to replace even though it looks like something very common.



  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Posts: 228Senior Contributor
    Interesting as my 47 pickup did not have the metal strip in these grille pieces.  IIRC the trim was installed using some clips which snapped into the back of the trim.  Anyway I ended up using the more readily available and slightly more modern 10-24 stud clip with a spring wire.  My hood center molding has the strip with studs however.  Likewise with the actual grille pieces I used two different sizes, the 3/4" with 10-24 stud for the curved pieces and a 5/16" for the smaller middle strips which seem to work perfectly.  Many auto body supply businesses have these clips
  • allanallan Posts: 202Member

    fastenall as well as many other places list the correct size nut - you will simply have to order them.
  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,668Senior Contributor
    BTW, the fasteners that go inside the curved grill pieces are still available in the online catalog from restorationspecialties.com   
  • TomlewisTomlewis Posts: 26Member
    That would be these clips from Restoration specialties.  They are on page 134 of the 2015 paper catalog that I have from them.  My old ones were pretty well rusted away so I ordered all new several months ago

  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Posts: 228Senior Contributor
    That's what I was talking about.  Wish I had seen those before using the gm/ford type of clips but the newer style seem to work well also
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