1933 Essex Terraplane KT8

BarefutnBarefutn Posts: 28Member
Hi All, Back at it for a minute this morning and I'm feeling lucky so I thought I'd reach out on the off chance that I might succeed. I'm looking for this drivers side spare mount for my '33 Essex Terraplane KT8. I will take any and all parts associated with this mount. I have the three piece cover intact and whole, flat cover, ring and hubcap. (see pic). Please let me know if you have one or all of the pieces to the mount that you would be willing to part with, alternatively, if you have even the foggiest notion where I might hunt one down that would also be immensely helpfull. PM me if its top secret as I would like to keep it that way. You can reach me at 925-783-2112 or barefutn@pacbell.net. Thanks Rob


  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 2,010Expert Adviser
    If you are not able to purchase a mount... the pictured mount appears to be a slam dunk for a competent metal shop.  ( Bent Metal included)... looks to be a flat piece of metal with edge reinforcements inner and outer along with a sleeve and bolt mount.  Plasma cut and weld together... you have the ultimate pattern... a real one!  Go for it.
  • BarefutnBarefutn Posts: 28Member
    Hey Glowplug...Thanks for the vote of confidence. I have the equipment to accomplish that in my shop. If I can't find one (and this looks like unobtainium) I will have my guys fab the new one. That's a brilliant idea. For some reason i was thinking I would have to have it cast or printed. Appreciate the advice. Rob
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