1954 Hudson Hornet Twin-H Intake Manifold with Exhaust Manifold

bcbockbcbock Posts: 5Member
Looking for this item. If anyone has one, please contact me at bcbock@msn.com with pics. I bought an intake that I thought was a 54 - it's a 55-56 and the exhaust manifold bolt-pattern is different (the 54 has four bolts). I could probably get by with an exhaust manifold for the 55-56 (3 bolts).


  • Ol racerOl racer Posts: 2,523Senior Contributor
    Usable 55- 56 Exh manifolds are hard to find. Better off buying a set of Clifford Headers then use your Intake.
  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,471Senior Contributor
    Just remember, when you install headers it makes the valve adjustment much harder.

  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 4,022Senior Contributor
    I have an exhaust manifold for the 51-54 in the garage. Would have to look at it. Think the heat riser needs freeing up, or the flap removed.
  • bcbockbcbock Posts: 5Member
    Ken U-TX. I would need the twin H intake for the 54 - 4 bolt pattern -  or the exhaust manifold - 3 bolt pattern - for the 55 - 56 twin H that I have.
  • bcbockbcbock Posts: 5Member

    These chambers under the carbs go to the exhaust manifold.  What was the purpose of this design?  To heat the fuel on the intake side?  I'm seeing three freeze plugs on each side.  I have a welder that says he can fix this, but it would be helpful to know the purpose of the design. 
  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 4,022Senior Contributor
    Send it to Jeff Perkins at Perkins Repair Service, he welds cast iron with iron rods using a foundry furnace....He has repaired several of these Twin H intakes.
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