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EWoodardEWoodard Posts: 4Member
A friend bought a 48 Commodore 8.  Its been converted from 6v Positive ground to 12 v negative ground, and rewired with plastic insulated wire.  I have the diagram.  Today's problem is that the two gauges don't work, nor do the idiot lights. The gauges appear to be newly wired.  I understand that Hudson gauges read full when the power is OFF.  But these read full when the power is off and on. I think there is a resistor to them, a little chip like thing wrapped in black plastic, which should take care of the 12v part. but the pos/neg is befuddling me. Any help would be appreciated. 


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,956Senior Contributor
    Polarity has no effect on the operation of the gauges. 
  • EWoodardEWoodard Posts: 4Member
    Well, that unbefuddles a lot!  Thanks.  The fault must lie elsewhere. 
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