1928 Hudson Bumpers

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I have been looking for a while, and since there is no change of a Hershey meet this year, I need to start asking around again.

I do have two front horizontal slats, chrome plated and looking like they are for a Landau, but I have no mounting steel. The car is a standard four door sedan with steel body by Hudson. I'll put any bumper on the car that fits. Won't hurt the look because in 28, bumpers were optional and installed by a dealer. Please let me know 973.seven one three.9eight5eight Thanks, Tom


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    The rear bumpers were only small half bumpers, because of the spare tyre holder.   As you say, bumpers were optional, so any old  after-market bumper can be used.  Easy enough to fabricate mounting bars, bolted to the front chassis frames.  
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    This my rear end on my 28 coupe model s
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    can get some pictures of mounting both front and rear if required.
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    I sure like your car color. Looks very classy.

    John, yes, close-up pictures of the bumper mounting would be extremely helpful. I do have holes in the rear frame members, but the front mounting is a mystery as I see only one hole to use in each horn.

    Did you weld a 'C' shaped piece of metal to the frame crossbar for the rear part of the bumper attachment? My car doesn't have that bolt location available. So, I guess this alteration may be necessary.

    You have added stop/turn lights, like I need to do. In close-up, the pic suggests that they are mounted to the bumpers, a convenient idea.

    This picture is really very helpful. BTW, I don't see the gas tank filler anywhere. Where did it go?
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    Hi Tom, Peter Beynon, the previous owner restored this car, after he bought it from Hershey some years ago, I have the photo album, but he passed away December 2018.
    I have all the paint junk recently bought from his Son, and as I live locally ,I will visit the paint shop for more info. I spoke to his friend last year, he said Pete used the back end from a " Ruxton " evidence shows the spare should be on the wing ( fender). Unfortunately Paddy McDonald had a stroke and he passed away to covid 19, 2 months ago, he was a Railton and Hudson collector and I suspect there will be many cars and projects available. I have some Buicks and I have some twin bumpers that came with my 1919 E 35 and 24 4 cylinder cars from ModeThaven in the 90's, so the furniture is very basic and common for the era. I have a 1922 model O, I bought from Jeff Stumb on E bay and with a 1920 engine and box from a Sweden saw mill, bought by Paddy many years ago I hope to build a racer.  I own some London Talbots and a Darracq, and for my troubles I edit the Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register journal. A 1920 Radiator core and a steering box for my special are the missing pieces.  Her are some photos. John J
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    more later when I can get them to upload
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    Fancy, that, raining in Britain!!!~
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