I blew a wiper cable

EngineerLecompteEngineerLecompte Posts: 47Member
Today is normally Seattle's Greenwood Car Show, and instead of nothing, they held an impromptu 80 or so mile rallye. This being a generally terrible year, it rained as well. We had about 120 cars involved, but on the way home on I-5, the drivers side cable broke. The cable appears to have broken at or inside the tower. 

It looks like getting the tower is pretty easy. How do I go about replacing the cable? Anybody know what the cable lengths are supposed to be? Any advice out there?


  • railknightrailknight Posts: 404Expert Adviser
    I'm not too sure if this'll work since you mention it involves the tower.  But, I had a 1950 Pacemaker that had a simple repair on a broken windshield wiper cable.  An electrical crimp connector was used to attach the two broken ends.  The wiper blades worked just fine and the cable was nice and tight.  Perhaps this'll get you by until you get a new cable set up. 
  • EngineerLecompteEngineerLecompte Posts: 47Member
    I think its too late for that.  Either the cable has to be fully replaced or nothing. Seeing as I live in the Northwest, nothing is not really an option. 

  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,956Senior Contributor
    You can make a new cable, but it needs to be the proper flexible braided cable, not bike brake cable wire.  I made a set years  ago for my Jet, and so far holding.   You7 have to drive the  splined hub out of the tower to remove the pulley.  You don't say what model  this is for.   They do come up on ebay fairly regularly.  Good luck,
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