39 six temp gauge reads 3/4

ValVal Posts: 870Member
My 39 Hudson Six normally runs at 1/4 on the temp gauge. She started showing 3/4 last week or so. So I did the test in the mechanical procedure manual and its says my gauge is good and the temp sensor was bad. So I got a one from R Tallent.  My gauge still reads 3/4. I took a reading at the radiator tank, block, head and temp sensor with a infrared thermometer and averages 150-160 across the 4 readings. So I'm at a loss. Is it possible my gauge is going bad? Or maybe that temp sensor is going bad? Any and all ideas welcome and appreciated         


  • lostmindlostmind Posts: 1,277Expert Adviser
    Maybe your source voltage to the gauge is more/less then it needs to be?
    Not sure if your model uses a voltage control for the gauges.
    Is the Fuel gauge working normal? They usually use the same power feed.
  • ValVal Posts: 870Member
    yes fuel gauge is working well. new wire harness put in car in 2017
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,956Senior Contributor
    It's possible the new sensor is a resistor type, not bi-metal like the original.
  • ValVal Posts: 870Member
    Geoff, it was pulled from a 8 cylinder engine that Roger had. But it is a newer engine than mine by about 8 years. So I don't know. Howver the original was reading 3/4 thats why I did the test. It normally rides at 1/4  
  • ValVal Posts: 870Member
    Problem solved! Installed NOS temp sensor I got from Lance and she rides back at 1/4 again. 
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