Part numbers for 35 H8 shock absorbers

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The title says it all. Rear shocks have eyes top and bottom which is easy, fronts have a top eye and a bottom pin which is uncommon nowadays I'm told.
Larry Cramers interchange parts list is silent on shock absorbers.


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    I have the modern applications for the replacement shockers I used written down somewhere, Bob.
    If I can find them, I will PM you and post them on here.
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    OK, here goes -

    Boge V1086
    Monroe R1041
    Monroe R341Z
    Monroe B12B83
    Monroe LSCM02655
    Monroe LSCM22561
    Spax A430-180

    These are the parts numbers listed in the ROC substitute parts guide. Some of these are obsolete but they're a starting point for getting the numbers of the modern equivalents. All it needs is a slog through Google and/or a helpful parts store.
    I'm afraid the only modern parts number I have is Kawabata 444023  EE62195 and I can't remember if it's for the front or rear. One set of replacements I got was for a Toyota Landcruiser and the other for an Isuzu (I can't remember the model).
    The rubber bushings with them didn't fit the mounting lugs on my '34. By trial and error, I found that Ford Cortina Mk1 bushings worked OK. Sorry that's probably not much use to those of you in the US.
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    Sorry, that should read Kayaba.
    Blame the spell checker on my iPad.
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    Another tip - don't bother contacting Monroe for help. They didn't want to know.
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    Bob, This may be to far to go for you but.  I replaced the shocks on my 35 T in 2007.  I found A-1 Shock Absorber Co in Silverthorne Colorado.  The guy I talked to was very knowledgeable. Told him I wanted the biggest heavy duty shock they had which per the web site looked like 2" diameter.  Told me right off that diameter would hit the frame both front and rear.  I'm thinking the ones I bought were either 1 7/8" OR 1 3/4" diameter.  They clear the frame by about an 1/8".  Have never had a problem with them.  Back then they were $50 each which I thought was reasonable.  The part numbers on the invoice are P1342 front / P1026 rear.  He told me they fabricate the old style shocks to order.  Not sure if the parts numbers relate to modern equivalents some how.
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