OEM Fuel Lines - 37 Hudson

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Neither of my 37 Hudson vehicle came with the original fuel lines so I’ve just run rubber lines the full length front to back.  I don’t really know how they were run or what the bent shape looked like.  

Does anyone re-make the metal lines?  Does anyone have any photos of the lines so I can replicate myself?  What size line?  What was used at the front to connect to the fuel pump & at the gas tank?  I assume some sort of short rubber hose connections?  Metal line material options?   Thanks 


  • cchancelcchancel Posts: 141Member
    I suspect that you might have to make your own.  You could look for the line clips attached to the frame, under your cars to get an idea of the fuel line routing (assuming that they are still there).

    I really line Cunifer for metal line material.  https://cunifer.com/
    I have used it successfully for fuel lines and brake lines.  All of the fuel line on my '51 is 5/16" Cunifer done in double flares.  It is easy to flare, easy to bend, and easy to conform to fittings.  I bought a tool similar to the one advertised on their website from Eastwood and can say than style of flaring tool is a lifesaver and worth every penny.

    Good luck.

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