Best Seam Sealer?

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  • StudebakerStudebaker Posts: 8Member
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    What is the best seam sealer? And, it must be able to be painted.
  • Lklemm1Lklemm1 Posts: 75Member
    Eastwood makes 2 types that work very well and are paintable. Online at
  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 549Expert Adviser
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     I use that stuff it works great and you can paint it in a hour i use the caulk  tube type easy to apply not cheap but all Eastwood  products  are pricie but you get what you pay for with them
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    I've used 3m urethane for years.
    Your local automotive paint store will have several brands to choose from. I stay with the urethane types due to its much higher quality/stickiness/longevity.

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