Wanted - 1939 Hudson Headlight Buckets

tjcmtjcm Posts: 1Member
I am in need of a pair of headlight buckets for a 1939 Hudson Series 91 Pacemaker. I have all the other parts of the headlight assemblies, I just need the buckets. Even if they need a lot of repair, that would be better than what I have now. Email me at tjcmiller@charter.net. Thanks.


  • MikeSheridanMikeSheridan Posts: 119Member
    Have you tried Donald Axlerod the headlight guy? You can google him and find him. Worth a try.
  • ValVal Posts: 870Member
    edited June 9
    Agreed try Donald Axlerod, but I think he is selling off a lot if not all his stuff so you should get with him asap. Headlight headquarters 35 Timson Street Lynn MA 01902-1824
    Phone:000078159805230000  remove the zeros front and back 
  • fliptopfliptop Posts: 185Member
    I have a bin full of Hudson headlight buckets unmarked. Do you have a picture or dimensions i could used to verify what you need.


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