Hudsons At Hershey, October 2020 -- Latest Info as of Sept. 21.

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As of Sept. 20, a total of four Hudson enthusiasts planned to stay at the (new) Quality Inn in Carlisle, Pa. in conjunction with the Hershey one-day car show on Oct. 10.  And one person said he'd bring some parts for sale on Sunday morning.  While this diminished level of participation doesn't warrant holding the normal schedule of activities for this yearly Hudson event (like the Hospitality Room) those who do gather there can socialize, go to dinner together, and possibly hold a Sunday-morning Hudson flea market in the motel's parking lot.  And, you can still (until Sept. 25th) reserve a room there at the Club's discount rate of $59 a night (+ tax). [contact me for the "secret password"!]

If anyone plans to stay at the Quality Inn who has NOT yet notified me, please do so ASAP so I have a rough idea how many are coming, and can keep you updated with any changes.  Obviously, if several additional people planned to join the crowd there, it might impact our plans and result in a fuller schedule of events.  See writeup below for full details, and for my contact information.

Although the AACA has cancelled this fall's (Oct. 7-10, 2020) Hershey flea market due to the coronavirus, they still plan to hold the Hershey car show on Saturday, Oct. 10.

If you plan to attend the car show please consider joining your fellow Hudsonites in Carlisle at the new Quality Inn Carlisle, 1925 Harrisburg Pike, where we've reserved 20 rooms for H-E-T members at a reduced price ($59 per night plus tax, etc.).  Cutoff date for reduced price is 9-25-20.  Please note this is NOT the motel we've stayed at in the past; that motel was re-named The Day's Inn a couple years ago.

We can possibly dine together at the Hickory Ridge Restaurant, just a minute down the road, on Saturday night (if the dining rules allow this).  We'll possibly hold our traditional Hudson flea market in the motel's parking lot on Sunday morning, Oct. 11, if any vendors show up.  Bring all those accumulated parts you'll never use, and make some money!

With so many Hudson meet cancellations this year, this may be one of the only opportunities for Hudsonites from different states and countries to get together.

If you have even the slightest inclination to join us in Carlisle, please contact Jon Battle at (delete the XXX before sending) or phone (540) 364-1770.  This will allow me to gauge the level of interest in holding the gathering, and will allow me to contact you in case there's a change of plans.  


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    I'm planning to bring a car to Hershey (weather permitting), but unfortunately my schedule will not allow staying over for Sunday.
    Steve Clarke
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