Adapt Chevy Transmission onto Hudson Motor

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Convert your aging Hydromatic or Borg Warner transmission with a more modern Chevy Turbo 350 or TH400 Automatic Transmission using this CNC Bridgeport machined Adaptor from Aerospace 7075-T651 Aluminum. Could also install Chevy TH200-R4 TH700-R4 Overdrive (TH350 & TH200R4 are similar size to Hydromatic)

Utilize either Hudson Starter or Mini Mopar Starter. Includes Stainless steel Studs, Spacer, Grade 8 Bolts with Instruction

                      $700 + Shipping


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    I have Two Adapters remaining to convert to a GM Automatic Transmission
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    Will these adapters work with a Hudson 8 cylinder engine
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    See Message
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    Ken U-Tx said:
    This setup is virtually identical to the Spring setup. Utilizes the stickshift wet clutch flywheel drilled and tapped concentric for the torque converter. Problem is the stickshift ring gear is NOT beveled on the front side for the Hydramatic or mini starters. This can and does lead to damage to the ring and pinion gears teeth. You can dress the front of the ring gear teeth with a Dremel, but it is slow and tedious work. Another issue I  have had with this is the 1/2" thick spacer that goes between the starter and the rear plate is only piloted by the two studs or bolts. On Danny Barnett's car, the holes for the studs were bigger than the studs and the weight of the starter while you are trying to hold it up in place while tightening the nuts or bolts can allow it to sit down and inwards too far, allowing the pinion to either hit the ring gear without engaging, or to bind on the ring gear. The original rear support plate had an 82.5mm hole for the starter that was a snug fit to hold the starter pinion the correct radial distance from the ring gear for proper quiet gear mesh. 
    The adapter on Barnett’s car was the first one. All others after that had the spacer bolted to the adapter so it couldn’t move.
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    I appreciate the comments regarding your past experience with someone else adapter, however, I have had two of these Adapter Plates using a Standard flywheel and 12 volt systems over 5 years with no problem. One conversion has a Hudson 6V Starter (that spins and engages really fast) and the other has a Mopar mini starter. The Machinist (a Mopar Guru, read a Mopar Mini does'nt really engage until into the ring gear, unlike Hudson).

    As you know the Spacer is only utilized with a Hudson starter, but unlike Barnett's, the starter is held by studs, not bolts, and these spacer stud holes are a 'precise fit' over the studs. Additionally, the starter hole is the same I.D. as the Hudson nose cone and both starters engaged perfectly many times.

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