Intake manifold for 54 308,.

Hello,i have sandblasted my intake and am looking for some ideas on the little plugs on the bottom that are gone and some different kinds of paints youve had luck with,Thank You in advance for your help,Chris


  • drivergo2drivergo2 Posts: 389Expert Adviser
    I think they are called Welch plugs , Napa might have them not sure about McMaster Carr
  • GrimGreaserGrimGreaser Posts: 820Senior Contributor
    McMaster has them, 7/8" core plugs. Suggest the steel ones, i got 18-8 and they where harder to set.  Core Plugs,
  • super-sixsuper-six Posts: 282Expert Adviser
    I used enamel paint. I had it mixed to the color I desired and it worked fine. Still looks good after 18 years.

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