Part Identification

Part identification

While inventorying parts I came across this piece.  I have ZERO knowledge of ever seeing it before and therefore do not know if it is a HUDSON ESSEX or TERRAPLANE piece.  I suspect it is as the parts I am inventorying are HET parts.  Your guess along with application would be appreciated. Thanks


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,824Senior Contributor
    Definitely nothing I have ever seen on any H.E.T. model up to 1953.
  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 1,962Expert Adviser
    Thanks Geoff 
  • drivergo2drivergo2 Posts: 389Expert Adviser
    This is off the wall , some kind of pressure regulator
  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 1,962Expert Adviser
    Well Dave Putnam posted a vacuum motive picture on Facebook and it has this piece as part of the pictured assembly.  Thanks to all 

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