Weather Control hoses

ratwaspratwasp Posts: 60Member
Where do these hoses connect?  Does anyone sell replacements?


  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 331Member
    they go to the windshield defroster vents they are for your windshield defroster vents
  • ratlee2ratlee2 Posts: 275Expert Adviser
    I know people have posted replacements in the past, but I ended up using standard black shop vacuum hose.  Available in 6ft lengths and was inexpensive.  
  • WINST10WINST10 Posts: 12Member
    I bought some defroster hose from Rockauto.  It's plastic and seems kind of flimsy but I think it will do the job.  Wildrick also sells defroster hose that looks like it's close to OEM.  Click on the "cowl" button on their parts menu. 
  • GrimGreaserGrimGreaser Posts: 820Senior Contributor
    You can find foil/aluminum heat riser hose at parts stores as well.
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