'51 Hudson Hornet - Location of circuit breaker?

Hello HET,

I'm stuggling with the electrics of my '51 Hudson Hornet. It seems like all wiring is 95% original and in decent condition, but I still can't get things to work. I'm new to the whole Hudson/USA car scene and am used to German engineering. Items like a circuit breaker and floating inline fuses - never seen those before. 

That being said, I'm looking for the location of the main circuit breaker and all fuse locations for a stock '51 Hornet, preferably with some pictures. I'd like to have everything stock 6V and working again. I have just ordered some SFE-14 fuses, a size not available in Europe. 

The stock cloth wiring lost most of its color during the years, so it's hard to tell what is what, even with a wiring diagram. Being colorblind doesn't help me either, but I''m doing the best I can!

Who can help me and point me in the right direction?



  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 280Member
    Hi Reinoud,  I just replaced the wiring harness in my 51. The circuit breaker is behind the instrument cluster mounted to a metal brace facing up. Lift out the bottom seat cushion and put some padding on the seat frame and crawl in. Removing the radio and glove box makes it easier to get your head up so you can see.
  • LanceLance Posts: 867Member
    If you are looking for a central circuit breaker panel ,you won't find any because there aren't any. As has been pointed out about the only resetable circuit breaker is behind the dash pod on the frame reinforcement brace , Also, if your wiring is origional,   I would very seriously consider getting a new wiring harness either made or making one yourself.   You will save a lot of trouble .Steel stranded wiring over 65 years old is an invitation for problems. Insulation falls off, corrosion and resistance build up and electrical fires can result.
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    I agree with Lance. No matter how it looks, the wiring is deteriorated. Corrosion works its way into the wiring under the covering. Resistance goes up, the wires heat up. The connections get corroded. You need to replace it all for the safety of the car.
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    That’s a beautiful car, have one of those myself 
  • LosCreepersLosCreepers Posts: 5Member
    Thanks for your replies. I drive around in another 50s car with all original 6V wiring, never experienced any problems with it not working. I will be careful of course, thanks for the heads up.

    What does the circuit breaker look like? There is no fuse in it or is there? Does it reset itself or can you do it manually as well?
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    Er zijn twee stroomonderbrekers op uw Hornet uit 1951. De hoofdstroomonderbreker bevindt zich op de metalen beugel achter het instrumentenpaneel. Dit is 30 ampère. Het regelt het vermogen naar de contactschakelaar en alle accessoires BEHALVE koplampen, parkeerlichten en achterlichten. De koplampschakelaar heeft een eigen stroomonderbreker van 25 ampère. Deze stroomonderbrekers zijn verkrijgbaar in drie montagestijlen, zoals weergegeven in de afbeeldingen. Ik kan ze indien nodig in Nederland leveren. Ik heb twee Hudsons uit 1951 volledig opnieuw bedraad. Groeten uit Texas

  • LosCreepersLosCreepers Posts: 5Member
    Haha, I wasn’t expecting a message in my native language on a international forum, but dankjewel! 

    So my ignition works, my headlights work, radio works (no sounds but it turns on).  Parking lights, turn signals, brake lights, rear lights, don’t work yet. Is this all linked to the headlight switch? Is there a circuit breaker AND a fuse in the headlight switch?

    I have this mounted in my engine bay, also with a 30A fuse. Can’t really tell what this is from the wiring diagram but the cloth wiring seems original.

  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 331Member
    This is the overdrive relay.
  • cchancelcchancel Posts: 122Member
    That is the relay for the overdrive.
  • cchancelcchancel Posts: 122Member

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