seeking correct LED headlight bulbs for 1937 Hudson Terraplane

johnottojohnotto Posts: 2Member
I have tried several suppliers, but have not found the correct bulbs for my headlights yet. Suppliers based in USA are preferred. Thanks!


  • dholckdholck Posts: 135Expert Adviser
    I don't know who has what, exactly.  This outfit lists 33/34 Hudson.

    These guys are in Australia, but seem to have a lot of stuff.

    They have a handy page that lets you figure out what bulb base you need;

  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,114Senior Contributor
    I don't know the ins and outs of it but Classic and Vintage Bulbs claim that not all LED headlight bulbs are created equal, be careful what you buy. From their webpage you need 'ante dazzle LEDS for low beam'. C&VB does seem to know his stuff, he's been doing this for 20 years or so.
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    Not familiar with socket on the '37; but here are the bulbs that Franklin owners are using sucessfully.
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    This is an example of an LED headlight lamp with the "prefocus" base (which is used by many cars of the 1930's including Hudsons.  These particular LED's are made by Classic Dynamo & Regulator Conversions, of England.  They are now in my '37 Terraplane.

    I also have taillights, license plates lights and instrument lights, all by the same company.

    I'm under the impression that LED headlights for "our" cars are being made by several companies.  Since Classic Dynamo is in England, it does involve somewhat more expensive shipping, but if you're ordering a "full course" of LED lights (taillights, license plate lights, dash lights, headlights), all at one time, the shipping isn't that bad.

    But of course, if there's a company in the U.S. making LED's, then our American Hudson owners might find shipping a bit less pricey.
  • ToddhToddh Posts: 13Member
    If your headlights have not been converted to sealed beams, you need an LED version of: 6V dual contact bulb (high/low beam) with an APF (American pre-focus) base.  

    I got the headlight bulbs for my ‘34 Terraplane from Classic Dynamo &Regulator Conversions in the UK. (  Look for the online shop for LED bulbs.  You want the “P30d” double dipper bulbs
  • johnottojohnotto Posts: 2Member
    Thanks, guys!!! Great advice.! I will check this vendor out.
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    Check Little British Car Co for LED bulbs too.Their in Michigan. 800 637 9640 and have large Web Site. I have their12V in my '37 headlight original sockets but they have 6V too. Be sure to install Relays so get Full Voltage 

  • RichardDRichardD Posts: 681Member
    Sure don't think I would go overseas to get bulbs with high prices, shipping, return doubtful, when they are available in the USA. 2¢ 
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