Some of my Hudsons

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Thought I'd try a few old pictures of the Hudsons I've had. One is the "47 convert (sans front bumper) in Albuquerque where I was at the time, along with my Nepal Ivory '46 convert (in Michigan) with my son holding a silver plate we won at a car show.  The "boy" is now 52 years old!  
     A '33 Terraplane that I got in Michigan while working on the '47 convert.  Friend called me and told me about this Hudson that was found in a garage.  It was an estate deal and the first $2500 buys the car.  I bought it as it was in incredible condition and totally complete.  I got it running very easily.  A guy in the Hudson club really bugged me to sell it, so I told him, you buy tires for it and pay my price, it's yours.  This picture is him leaving my place with it.
     Last picture is what the '47 convert looked like sitting in the weeds in Mass.  I had it trucked to Michigan and restored most of it there, finishing it (top and some chrome) in Albuquerque where I moved.

Mike Corless



  • 1954Hudson1954Hudson Posts: 154Member
    Where in Mich did you live ?  Ron Nimtz Elkton Mich

  • MickeyBMickeyB Posts: 9Member
    Rochester Hills (Oakland County)
  • Ric West INRic West IN Posts: 474Senior Contributor
    Hi  Mike,  Been a long time !  Welcome back!  
    Fred "Ric" Pinder, Marne MI.
  • MickeyBMickeyB Posts: 9Member
    Sure has!  Nice to see a familiar name.  Hope life has been good to you.  All good with me.
  • parkermparkerm Posts: 191Expert Adviser
    Thank you for the photos. I've never seen a 47 convertible like the one in the first picture. Thanks for sharing.
  • 33kc198933kc1989 Posts: 391Senior Contributor
    I don’t think that was a 33 but all nice rides. 
  • MickeyBMickeyB Posts: 9Member
    33kc1989 said:
    I don’t think that was a 33 but all nice rides. 
    You are right...sorry, it's a '34.
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