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blondwookieblondwookie Posts: 114Member
Does anyone know if Deep Maroon, was a base color for the 48 super six car series? I believe that was the original color of my 48 Business or club coupe


  • ken1962ken1962 Posts: 262Member

  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,641Senior Contributor
    Should be stamped on the upper passenger door hinge

  • blondwookieblondwookie Posts: 114Member
    I found that stamp mark, it is 'M' for Maroon
  • LosCreepersLosCreepers Posts: 5Member
    Does the stamp on the door hinge also apply to later model years as my ‘51? 

  • ratlee2ratlee2 Posts: 275Expert Adviser
    It should apply to later years too.  The upper passenger hinge on my 53 was stamped with a 5 which corresponds to black in the Ditzler color charts.  My car was originally black.
  • LosCreepersLosCreepers Posts: 5Member
    Is there a list available somewhere I can check for my ‘51? 
  • blondwookieblondwookie Posts: 114Member
    There is one on here and I have a detailed one to
  • cchancelcchancel Posts: 122Member

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