1930 Super Six disc brake kit

marklcmarklc Posts: 4Member
Did a search really couldn't find what I was looking for. Does anyone know of a kit or how to convert the drum brakes on my 1930 Essex super six 2 door sedan to disc brakes? I'm thinking this is a needle in the haystack situation but thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks in advance!


  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,639Senior Contributor
    I really don't know for sure but some here have done this by using the stepdown kit with a spacer for some prewar HET vehicles.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 982Member
    The only person I know that has done this is Richard Swatsley. His car is an Essex (31?). He might be able to give you some insight. He's in the roster.
  • marklcmarklc Posts: 4Member
    Great thanks!
  • ESSX28-1ESSX28-1 Posts: 1,394Senior Contributor
    Interested in your findings.
    Dave Y New Zealand
  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 650Expert Adviser
    Perhaps a conversion to hydraulics may be easier.
  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 402Member
    You should contact Matt Faust, I believe he converted a 33 Terraplane to hydraulic power disc brakes. He used to sell disc brake conversions kits for Hudson’s. Matt is in the Roster in TN.
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