Sellers Beware ?

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I know there's a Buyer Beware thread on here but I'd like to warn other members of a bad experience I've had selling parts to someone who posts on the Forum.

I'm not going to name him, he'll know who he is and if he reads this I hope that it will stir his conscience to do the right thing by me.

Back at the beginning of this year, he posted a request for Carter W1 parts. I contacted him because I had a working W1 and quite a few useful NOS parts (including metering rods and jets) for it. I'd gone over to a Daytona Universal and didn't need the carburettor any more. I contacted him to ask if he wanted it all for $80 plus $33 shipping from the UK. I'd spent a lot more than that buying and refurbishing the Carter.

He replied to say he wanted all the stuff but couldn't afford to pay me at the time. I replied that was no problem, I'd just hang on to it until he could let me have the money and I'd then send it over to him in the US.

He paid me using PayPal in mid February and I sent the carb and parts to him immediately by carrier.

I didn't hear anything at all from him but a couple of weeks later PayPal informed me the payment had been cancelled.

Since then, I've emailed him several times asking what the problem was. If it was a case of PayPal messing things up, he could just send me my money in cash. If he didn't like what I'd sent him, he could return it all to me and I'd refund his money straightaway with no questions asked and no hard feelings on my part.

He hasn't replied to any of my emails.

Perhaps he may have "The Virus" or there's some other good reason he hasn't replied but his silence has gone on for so long now that I think I've got to accept I've been tricked out of my property by him.

I've been fooling around with a Hudson for almost 25 years now, both in the HET and the ROC, and have made some of the best friends I'll ever have in the process. This Forum has been a great help to me and I'm extremely grateful to everyone who pitches in to help when I post a problem.

I think it's shameful that a cynical person has betrayed the trust, friendship and respect we all show each other on the Forum.

I sincerely hope no-one else will be abused by him in the way that I have been.


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    The only way to 'protect' others is to call him out.  If he stiffed you he will cheat others, it is only a matter of time.  There seems to be a problem in this day and age with dishonesty at many levels.
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    Since I posted this, the person has actually emailed me to say that he's going to send me the money.

    So I hope this is going to have a happy ending after all.... I've got my fingers crossed !

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    Good luck, I think I know which person you are referring to.  Was the address you mailed the parts to in South Dakota?

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    I once had a similar experience with a bloke in the UK who wanted some exhaust parts for a Czech Tatra 603. I bought the parts on Aukro (CZECH eBay equivalent), and my friend Rene Koudelka ( a Czech Hudson owner/ enthusiast) drove over to pick up the parts and then package them and send them to the w*r in the UK. After two months of stalling and coming up with excuses as to why he couldn't pay me in a timely fashion, I contacted two of my good Tatra friends in the UK to let them know what was  going on. My fiery Welsh buddy Simon Redrup not so subtly twisted the w*r's arm, and I got paid! I still owe Simon a few pints of ale and maybe a few shots of Penderyn next time I see his mug.  :)
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    I have belonged to the HET club since 1978 and have sold many Hudson parts to members in Australia, France, England,and the US from Canada. Lots of times sent the parts and got paid later.I have never been stiffed by any member yet. Made many new friends. HUDSON PEOPLE ARE THE GREATEST!
    Ivan L. 
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    It's certainly discouraging to hear this sort of thing, especially since H-E-T members have a pretty good track record when it comes to honesty.  I hope the fellow comes through.  If not, at least I hope he is not a long-time H-E-T member.

    If he doesn't come through, I can understand your reluctance to "name him" publicly.  But perhaps individual Forum members could PM you and ask his name.  That keeps it all "off the front page" so to speak.
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    Had a similar experience.  Sent new castings to a club member in U.S., and no payment.   I mentioned this to the W.T.N. editor, who emailed the guy and said he would give him some free publicity as a bad payer.   Worked!  That is the only time I have ever had issues with  HE.T. members.  Likewise, I have had stuff sent to me with an invoice, trusting that I would pay up, which of course I have always done.   
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    Likewise I have had good experiences with others on this site both buying and selling.  Honesty and good faith practices always turn out well
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    I got a set of NOS pistons rings & pins for my Essex from Lester Harris & he mailed them to New Zealand. I had asked my son in NY to pay Lester on my behalf & when they arrived I told my son. He said he'd forgotten to pay Lester but would do so that day. I rang Lester to apologise & to thank him & was told that "these things happen & that HET folk are honest"
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    Ken U-Tx said:
    Good luck, I think I know which person you are referring to.  Was the address you mailed the parts to in South Dakota?

    No it wasn't, Ken.
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    The Railton Owners Club operates on the same ethical level as the HET. They have a greatp parts scheme. You put your order in and they send the parts with an invoice. They trust you to pay them. No-one abuses it and there's never any suggestion to change the way it works.
    Thank you all for the suportive posts.
    If the money comes through , I will post an update.
  • Old Fogey UKOld Fogey UK Posts: 234Expert Adviser

    Just to post an update, I have today received the money I was owed.

    So all's well that ends well !

    Thanks again for all the messages of support.

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