For Sale: 1947 Hudson Pickup

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1947 Hudson Pickup -

This is a very unique looking truck, and you wont see many of them. I am moving and must sell it unfortunatly.

Currently it is not running, but it is an easy fix for someone who knows what they are doing. The electrical system works perfect, and cranks, but there is no spark. I have done a lot to this truck while I have owned it, including a disc brake conversion, rebuilt carbs, rebuilt gas tank, 12 volt conversion, new wiring harness from YnZ wiring in Redlands.

There is a problem with the transmission where reverse mostly doesnt work, but does from time to time.

I originally paid 8k for this truck and have put nearly 5k into it myself. I am currently asking for $8500 obo with no trades. If you are serious about your interest in this truck, please get in touch with any questions.
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[*]1950's 262 hudson engine with Twin H Power duel carbs
[*]Brand new disc brake conversion
[*]Brand new wiring harness installed
[*]Upgraded to 12 vault
[*]Straight body, very few minor dents
[*]Beautiful stance and profile, extremely unique but original
[*]Easy project for an experienced wrench
[*]Asking $8500 obo - no trades


Front View


Passenger Side Front


Passenger Side Rear


Rear View




Original Bakelite Steeting Wheel


Crack along right side of glass


Center Dash
Radio available but removed. Needs restoration. Rewired under dash for modern radio.




Pickup Bed


Twin H Power Carbs
262 Hudson engine


Both carbs are completely rebuilt with less then 100 miles on them.


New wiring harness installed, converted to 12 volt and alternator.


  • Huh? a 262? Can't get the pics up.
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    I also cannot get any photo's to show. Thought it was just me.
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    This thread was originally started in March 2004. Is the first post still relevant?
  • Hey, rether be loosing one that comming up with an extra one... it seems evryone else was a founding member... I felt left out...
  • I had noticed this and had ment to comment on it! I have the feeling that here are those amoung us that take this site and hobby way too seriously... nice to see a sense of humor...

    I used to belong to the Corvette club, web sites, Barrett-Jackson committee and realized that one gas leak it was all over. These old cars (and new ones too ) are kewl, I love them, but they don't give you a kiss good night, bring home report cards....:p
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