Brake Return Springs & Clips Identification/Replacements

longlivelancelonglivelance Posts: 48Member
Hey all, I am reworking my braking system and need to find some springs and these small clips. First time I am doing this, so learning as I go, and realized I am missing some springs and clips as I read through the mech procedure & parts books. I can't measure the old springs for comparison as they are all missing. Below is what I am missing and looking for.  Any help is appreciated.

  1. I've scoured the internet for the clips, but could not find them anywhere. They look like this & are marked D2-6 in the pedal diagram below. I could fabricate something worst case, but if someone knows where to find some online, let me know.

  2. I am missing the hand brake return springs marked by C10-5 & C10-25. Not sure what to get for replacements as I do not have the old ones to compare with. C10-25 seems like a bigger spring that goes from the cable lever to the frame. The C10-5 spring seems tiny and goes the length of the Play Link Assembly (C10-20). 

  3. Lastly, the two springs in the pedal diagram are missing. I need the D2-5 spring, but not sure the specifics on the spring I need for that. Also, the little spring in the back that seems like it is part of the brake pedal return but not labeled. If anyone has the specifics

If anyone knows the specifics of each of those springs & clips, and/or where I can pick up replacements, I would greatly appreciate the info.

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