1934 - 1935 Hudson Terraplane Coupe

KurtKohlerKurtKohler Posts: 3Member
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I have a 1934-1935 Hudson Terraplane Coupe for sale.  Contact me with any questions you may have.  The parts are located in Anaheim, CA.  My email: kkohler1@hotmail.com or Text: 714-397-1699   

Note: The doors which are mounted on the coupe in the pics and one of the deck lids are not for sale.  *I have some replacement Terraplane doors which would work...with a lot of fabrication.  The doors I have which would go with this coupe are: 2 passenger doors which are off of 4-dr Terraplane (you cut the doors to make one good door) and a drivers side door which is off a 2-dr 35' slant back.  The chrome bumpers in the pics are not mine. 

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