Disc Brake Dust Shield

joe53HHjoe53HH Posts: 62Expert Adviser
I am in the process of converting the Hornet front brakes to disc. I am wondering if a disc brake dust shield is necessary. Those of you that have gone through the conversion what are your thoughts on the matter? 



  • RichardDRichardD Posts: 794Member
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    My system: no problem

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     I assume you are referring to shields that go between the wheel and the brake rotor. If you are using wire wheels, you will certainly want to keep the brake dust off of them. As I look at the photo Richard posted of the back side of his wheels, I think I would use them if there are any holes in the wheel, at all.
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    I thought he was referring to the backing plate; maybe that wasn't correct. If you use the new Evolution Ceramic pads { I have not on the '53--yet; these pads came on the car when I bought it}, you will have less dust. The new brake dust cleaners out today will clean without even rubbing !! Have Ceramic on my late models; AND when it comes time for pads, they will be the ones to go here also. Need to check them out when you need pads. I also changed to drilled and slotted rotors on a late model and that was amazing--no warp or shutter when going down extreme hills as I had before.
    So, some things you see here will change for the better~~~if available. But I don't drive the '53 fast anyway so it doesn't make much difference.
    Edit>> my disks were installed over 10 years ago, LaBud conversion.

  • joe53HHjoe53HH Posts: 62Expert Adviser
    I was referring to the shields that would replace the backing plates. They would probably deflect road debris from the disc. Not sure that they would add much protection though. I am using slotted and drilled rotors from PowerStop with the ceramic pads.
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    Backing plates for me have been as much of a problem as a help.  They rust, get bent, scrape the rotors and make noise.  I have disk brakes on my '64 Studebaker with no backing plates and it has been just fine.
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