Considering buying a Hudson Hornet

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I am considering the purchase of a Hudson Hornet, but I live way out on the west coast of British Columbia. I wish to buy a car that is up to the task of being driven back from where ever it might be when purchased hopefully somewhere on the west coast of the continental U.S. or Canada. My question is should I buy from the WTN publication and if so are most of the people selling in the classifieds honest folk as it would be a long way to travel to look at a car I may not want. Or is it better to look through the online classifieds that supply hundreds of up close pictures? I have also been watching a few of the auction sites and they also supply pics and videos. I am thinking the best thing is pick a car and go look at it, but it would be nice to have some opinions from you folks.

I suppose the other thing to consider is originality and as I know very little about Hudsons that could be a tough one for me.


Brian Holt

Denman Island, BC


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    Look below at the 1952 Pacemaker for sale. It's not a Hornet, but you will not be disappointed with it in any way. You couldn't build it for what he is asking.
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    Brian, you can also ask on here to see if someone is near a car you're interested in.  They may be willing to do a preliminary look at a vehicle for you.  That worked for me on a vehicle about 12 hours from me.  I felt to have gotten an honest third party opinion and he took additional pictures to mail me (the seller was an older gentleman not quite capable of that any longer).   Lots of knowledgeable folks here that will identify things others of us wouldn't notice.  Good luck.

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    I can't find the 54coupe it seems to take me to something about a 29 hudson

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    Ditto- on buying the 1952 Pacemaker!
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    I meant 52 Pacemaker and thank you for the contact...Very nice looking car with one hell of a lot of work done to it

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    In general I would trust H-E-T members over advertisers in Craigslist.  But sometimes even the descriptions of Club members are a bit....hopeful.
    I would try very hard to find something local (or located within a day's drive) so I could easily travel to see it before buying.  Ideally you could locate a reputable garage in the vicinity of the car that's for sale, and get the seller's permission to have the car examined by a mechanic before you make an offer.  (You might find a good local mechanic by placing a notice on the Hudson Forum and the AACA Forum).  Be sure that THIS car meets all your criteria and that it appears to be sound and in good mechanical condition, before paying for a mechanic's inspection.  Then arrange an appointment with the garage mechanic (and the car owner) and then travel out to see the car and have it examined by the mechanic.  He can do compression checks, electrical tests, etc., and put the car on a lift, allowing you to carefully inspect the underside.  Then, you can make an informed offer on the car and have a reasonable confidence that it will make carry you home without incident.
    Naturally, there is a chance that the mechanic will find some major problem and the seller won't drop his price.  Then you might think you have wasted the payment to the mechanic.  But actually, in terms of the big picture and all the money you could have lost by buying a lemon, it was money well spent.
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