1952 Pacemaker For Sale - Restored by Brandon Wight $11,500 OBO

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For Sale 1952 Hudson Pacemaker Model 4b    Asking (11,500) obo

Contact Brandon Wight

seven one 4-33six-4two90

Clear Title in my name
Located in Canton Ga
(Asking 11,500) obo

Originally a New Mexico car, it absolutely has no frame or body rot. One of the most solid stepdowns you will find.

Very scarce model, as Pacemaker only totaled about 7200 of total production with approximately 30 examples currently known to survive.

This car has been given a cost no object total and complete mechanical and electrical rebuild that has spanned 7 years and receipts totaling over 50,000. With very high degree of detail given to correct details and function.

It has been driven daily and I have put about 20,000 miles on it since rebuild. Absolutely no smoke, runs strong, 6v and properly set up, all lights are very bright, cranks fast and always starts. This is a turn key car that I've depended on and does not disappoint.

It comes with a flash drive with about 28 gigs of photos detailing every part of the restoration, plus receipts, manuals, new rubber,and much much more.

Engine is the numbers matching 232 with the original single lever overdrive transmission with a 4.11 rear axle gear which gives a final ratio of 2.877

This car runs without trouble at modern highway (70mph That I  average) speeds and tracks perfectly with very tight but easy steering.

Paint does have blemishes and the interior is not finished though seats are reupholstered correctly. body is very straight and with an only exception of someone backing into my passenger rear door and indenting it slightly it has absolutely never been wrecked and is otherwise laser straight. Doors shut easily and solid.

Comes with 2 complete 52 Pacemaker interior patterns, plus a huge amount of trim to complete the car. Nothing is missing.

A summery of the work completed


All cylinders sleeved to standard and bored with a torque plate and honed to size

all new valves, tappets and guides

all tappet bores were sleeved with high quality hard bronze

nos cam shaft and randy mass full roller timing chain (unfortunately makes some chain noise but is subtle)

NOS pistons and rings properly fit and wrist pin bushings

all new bearings crank ground .030'' over

entire rotating assembly including clutch and driveshaft professionally balanced to 1/10th gram runs as smooth as butter

oil pump has been rebuilt with new timing gear

water pump has been completely rebuilt

all new freeze plugs

cooling system has been cleaned using a rust dissolving solution and looks like new metal inside.

block was three staged cleaned and was also run in a lab grade ultra sound cleaner

Cylinder head CC matched

all valve seats were three angle ground and all ports were polished to a mirror shine.

The ports were also gasket matched, the exhaust manifold was also polished internally and the heat riser was fitted with a dummy stainless shaft that looks like it is still present externally

new engine mounts


rebuilt heater sending unit


Completely disassembled  and cleaned

all new or nos bearings, seals, bushings, and thrust washers were used. New synchronizer stop ring fabricated

correct and very rare 4.11 speedometer gear located to match rear axle

brand new rebuilt clutch and new throwout bearing

bell housing completely rebuilt

new transmission mount

nos ring gear used


4.11 rear axle gear with all new or nos thrust washers and bushings used.

differential cross shaft hard chrome plated back to correct size

end play shimmed to correct tolerances


balanced and new seals and u-joints used
new center carrier bearing and mounts


Brand new BF Goodrich bias ply tires that have been match balanced

brand new with less then 2500 miles less then one year old


All NOS hard parts used and new rubber parts used shackles,king pins, bushings, shock absorbers, coil springs, and rear springs were re arched.

Special tools were made or located to set preload to suspension threaded bushings


Center link rebuilt using brass bushings and lap fit to shaft

steering box completely rebuilt with new bearings and seals then adjusted correctly

shift column completely rebuilt and paint matched to original color


all new fuel lines fabricated with proper routing observed and correct factory clips used

Custom stainless steel construction gas tank

sending unit rebuilt and calibrated

gas gauge works and is accurate!

Fuel pump has been rebuilt with parts that are ethanol resistant valves lapped and works flawlessly


Stainless steel exhaust

stainless clamps

Original hangers restored with new very strong rubber. all proper mounting points observed

wrapped to shield engine bay and gas tank from heat.

usually never have problems with vapor lock even in summer driving


all parts sourced from NOS carburetors with intact plating.

kit from Daytona carbs used

all adjustments professionally done with factory carter tools

all throttle linkages are rebuilt and tight with no play.

Throttle response is very smooth and instant


Distributor painstakingly rebuilt and calibrated with new vacuum advance

Generator has brand new coil winding and the armature has been rewound.

new bushings and Timkin precision bearing used

starter also has all new winding and the armature is rewound with new bushings and an nos bendex

voltage regulator has been converted to solid state from Precision Power and works great. ( odd perk of this is under high rpm without electrical load the amp bulb may flash) no negative effect has been found in the system and turning on any lights or heater will stop flashing

all switches have been disassembled cleaned lubed and all rivets soldered to insure good connections throughout system

all overdrive electrical parts were thoroughly rebuilt ad work perfectly

all gauges have been restored and work perfectly and accurately

manual clock was also was rebuilt, works and does keep accurate time

brand new wiring harness fabricated using the upmost care and originality

all bulbs in the car have there own separate ground straps to a solid frame ground. thus everything is very bright and does not flicker as with some faulty grounding conditions

heater blower and housing completely restored

new or nos lenses used in lights


all chrome with exception to the front bumper has been rechromed or is nos

all beltline trim and retainers included


paint on the body is fair with blemishes

dash was painstakingly matched to special correct color

GLASS and wipers

new windshields and rubber

wiper motor rebuilt

rear door glass is new though has water spots that wont come out

all new door channeling

all window winder and door latched rebuilt

Much much more work done, hopefully this gives you an idea of the quality put into making this a dependable car.

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