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JohnVancouverJohnVancouver Posts: 2Member
https://vancouver.craigslist.org/pml/cto/7039610780.html  - The price is in Canadian dollars.

What I'm looking for is a car that I can restore and run in a cross country vintage rally. To that end I'm not looking for a show piece as the trip is quite arduous and the car will likely take a beating.  Also since I'll need to do essentially a full rebuild as part of the preparation I see no reason to buy something already restored.

I've been told that the late 20's Hudsons were quite well built and I thought it might be a suitable car for what I'm planning to do. I'm planning to run in the 2026 rally so six years to get it ready.

My questions are:
Is this car suitable? I've done a fair bit of research and I think it is but I'd love to be told I'm wrong before I buy it.
Is this price reasonable? 
What should I look for when examining the car? Any major gotchas to avoid?
The car looks quite complete but are there any parts that are very hard to find? Anything I should make sure of before I look at it in person.


  • ken1962ken1962 Posts: 249Member
    Well Heidi Hetzer drove her 1930 hudson from Berlin thru Russia and then thru China before jumping down to Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South America, Africa finally ending back in Berlin. Her trip was only 3 years ago and she was 80. Just YouTube her. She only died last year poor thing. Also back in 1930 a taxi driver was hired by 3 ladies to drive a 1928 hudson super six from Victoria into South Australia up thru Alice springs to Darwin then across the northern territory into queensland down thru New South Wales back to Victoria. The trip is described in a book called "the world's longest taxi fare  by driver Charlie Heard. This car didn't have roads to travel just animal stock routes... So I'd say the hudson 1920s models are bomb proof cheers ken
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,714Senior Contributor
    Wow!  A car this original is a real treasure.  I can't comment on the price, but the "patina" is priceless.   
  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 521Expert Adviser
    Thats a beautiful  car
  • paulrhd29nzpaulrhd29nz Posts: 204Member
    That 29 has been on Craig’s list for a long time. Very over priced for a non running plain standard sedan. Do your research. Lots have sold for less and in running condition. I’m not saying don’t buy it , but I am saying it’s over priced by 10k 
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 254Member
    I believe a properly prepared '29 Hudson is very capable of completing this rally. The most difficult items to find are probably an original carburetor, and the headlight switch. I see the car in the photo has the headlight switch. The Carbs are pot metal, and those who have a spare for their own cars, are holding on to them in the event that they need to replace their own. (It' not a matter of "if", but "when") I actually need a carb for my '29, and have decided, like many other '29 owners, to adapt something else to it. In my case, I'm using an earlier Hudson side draft carb. These cars will run effortlessly at 55-60 mph all day, and will last for many years if properly serviced and maintained.

    I do believe the one in the advertisement you referenced to be priced too high for a non running vehicle. If it was running and driving, I feel that would be a very top dollar price. If the wiring is poor and in need of replacement (if it is original, the fabric insulation will fall off as soon as you touch it), a new factory correct replacement is about $750 from YnZ, in California. If you can, go to a book store and buy the latest copy of "Old Cars Price Guide" I use this as a guideline to value cars in today's market. Their valuations will be subject to interpretation, based on how you perceive the condition of the car, and make a guess at the condition of the unknowns. I use these prices as a starting point, and add or subtract value depending on the condition of the vehicle.
  • JohnVancouverJohnVancouver Posts: 2Member
    Thanks for all the feedback. I do feel the price is too high based on examples I've seen so I'll see what the seller is willing to do. The research I've done and the feedback here tells me it is a solid option and I'm not worried about needing to replace wiring ect as the rally organizers basically tell you to do a full rebuild before hand anyway. 
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,994Administrator
    1929 was Hudson's biggest sales year, and there are a lot of '29 Super Sixes out there.  Given that you have plenty of time before the rally, take your time and shop around.  Once you buy the car, talk to '29 owners at Hudson meets and take notes, to determine the weak points, which replacement parts to substitute, and to learn what's needed to keep the cars running well.  And start to build up lots of rebuilt parts to take on your adventure, so you'll be able to get back on the road quickly, should you encounter mechanical problems.
  • tombiatombia Posts: 149Member
    Andrew Fulton made this rally in 2077 in a 1919 Essex touring, with no real problems considering conditions he found.

  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 254Member
    Are engine modifications allowed? If so, I would recommend regrinding the cam, a different carb., and an electric fuel pump. I started a facebook group called "1929 Hudson". Please join us there as well. My goal there is to be able to share ideas, and knowlege with other 29 Hudson owners, and help eachother get and keep these cars on the road where they belong. I know there are people in that group who rarely, if ever frequent the forum. 
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