The elusive 1939 side grille pieces!

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I realize that those side grilles for the senior (not the 112) 1939 models are extremely rare.

I've recently been speaking to a gentleman who "3D prints" hard to find car parts in various metals.  I suggested reproducing the '39 side grilles.  He once did a very preliminary pricing on them and came up with $1,000 a pair....and that is before hand-finishing and plating them.

However, this was a very rough estimate.  If he had one of the grilles to "scan" into his computer, he would be able to analyze the true cost of reproduction.  Could be more than $1,000....could be less.

He's willing to actually do the scan at no charge, if someone would loan him one of the grilles.  (Presumably the left and right sides are mirror images so only one need be scanned.)  He could even make his scan from a broken grille. (The computer is smart; it fills in the broken places!)  The company is HV3DWorks LLC, and is located in Sewickley, Pa.  If you are willing to lend out one of the grilles (even if broken), please contact me and I'll put you in touch with him.

I don't have a '39 but I would love to see some of these rare Hudson parts be available again!

--Jon Battle (drop the xxx before e-mailing)

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