1916 HUDSON RUDGE Racing Wire Wheels

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I am trying to figure out what wire wheels Ira Vail or Ralph Mulford had on their 1916 HUDSON SUPER SIX racecars? 
I understand/presume they were RUDGE wire wheels. 
What was the Option of Wire Wheel 34"x4" Clincher Rims "special 'speed' combination" mentioned in the 1916 HUDSON SUPER SIX sales catalog on page 31?



(5) 34”x4” or 4 ½” Authentic ca. 1916 RUDGE Racing Wire Wheels for a 1916 HUDSON racer with Clincher Rims & Tires, correct, compatible Type 62 Centres - Long 160mm, Front & Rear Hubs, Spokes, Lock Rings et al... complete.

Charles Test
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    34" must be the tire size... Right?  Otherwise your tires are going to be well over 40" tall.
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    Just a quick look at a few pictures shows Rudge-style knock-on hub nuts on the 1916 "speed record" car but not on the 1917 team cars.  The hubs look the same.  The wheel size is actually 26", calculated this way:  the first value (34) minus twice the second value (2 x 4 =8) gives 26.  Same answer for 35 x 4-1/2.  They're big wheels!

    Good luck with the search!
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    Have you connected with any of the Great Race participants to receive their assistance?  
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