51-52 Hornet exterior trim

wraymenwraymen Posts: 5Member
They are in Decent shape, one piece is creased. $150 plus shipping. Thanks


  • Ric West INRic West IN Posts: 463Senior Contributor
    Looks like 52-53 to me .  51 is much different.
  • wraymenwraymen Posts: 5Member
    Thanks, I was told they were off a 52 and I could not tell which other year they may fit. Obviously I do not know much about Hudson's. I came across these and thought someone could use them. I was also told that the rear window pieces were hard to come by. I have no idea if my price is fair and am willing to negotiate. I believe there are a few more pieces that may go with these and I will post pics when I pick them up.  
  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,398Senior Contributor
    Also, sedan rear window trims are different shape then the coupe.

  • wraymenwraymen Posts: 5Member
    They are what they are. I was told everything was off a 1952 two door Hornet. That is all I can go on. 
  • wraymenwraymen Posts: 5Member
    SOLD -  Thanks
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