WA-1 air filter element replacement?

Rob FayetteRob Fayette Posts: 98Expert Adviser
I am looking for the filter element that goes in the dry style air filter for the WA-1 Carburetor.  The one on my car is like a circle of very coarse steel wool contained within  an inner and outer wire mesh wall.  I doubt that that style would be available anymore, but wonder if there may be a modern style made of rubber and paper that might substitute. Does anyone know of a substitute?
Thanks for your help.


  • 2nevets2nevets Posts: 116Member
    I have a pair of used originals
  • Rob FayetteRob Fayette Posts: 98Expert Adviser
    Thanks nevets.  I think I confused the issue.  I am looking for the ones for the single WA-1 that is used on the single carb Pacemaker, not the Twin-H with the 2 WA-1 carburetors.
  • supersixsupersix Posts: 61Member
    I think you can get a new Fram appear filter , I’m pretty sure it’s Fram Ca101
  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 519Expert Adviser
    Try K&A filters they should make a filter for all needs
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 254Member
    If this is like the Twin H air cleaners that run across the top of the engine, the Napa number is 2110. Any auto parts store should be able to cross that number over to whatever brand they carry.
  • railknightrailknight Posts: 345Expert Adviser
    Bob, are you attempting to replace the steel mesh filter that lays horizontally with a paper filter and consequently it'd be a larger diameter than the paper "Twin H" type?  
  • cpr3333cpr3333 Posts: 214Expert Adviser
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    I think I had the same question a while back:
    If you find a solution, please share it.
  • 53hud5453hud54 Posts: 184Member
    I have one on my '53 which is locked in my buddy's shop till he gets back the first of March, but most Napas have a small engine parts display and it is the common air filter in that display, I'll call my store and get number tomorrow. For cpr3333, this is very important and everyone with these old filters should check them carefully. I found this out when starting my '54 with 29,000 miles,first time run in nearly 20 years, the air cleaner looked like new but removed to oil the screen and it turned to dust, I'm so glad I noticed before sucking all that into engine. If these old screens haven't been kept oiled, they will fall apart,beware.
  • 53hud5453hud54 Posts: 184Member
    Make sure to also check the felt type piece on the under side of the top, also falls apart and not needed with good air filter. and a rubber washer under nut.
  • Rob FayetteRob Fayette Posts: 98Expert Adviser
    Thanks for all of the input. 
     Yes railknight I'm attempting to replace the steel mesh filter that lays horizontally and is a larger diameter than the twin-H-type.

    cpr3333 thanks for the link to your earlier thread. It has a lot of info on this topic.
    Russel I tried the NAPA lookup by size chart and didn't come up with anything close. (size is approximately 8"o.d. by 6.5" i.d. by 1.5" tall) . I haven't tried to find the K&N table yet.

    53hud54 -I'm looking forward to getting the part number you know about. Thanks for the tip about the felt piece too.

    I bumped into a comment from a Ford thread where they use copper mesh from Chore Boy dish scrubbers to replace the bad mesh in their filters.  I found this "Lola brand Jumbo Stainless Steel Scourer". I ordered 3 of them.  I will post here how they work out.
  • 53hud5453hud54 Posts: 184Member
    Napa's number is 702-247 it is a little taller so I went to the hardware store and bought a piece of threaded rod and a connector nut and put a small extension on the stud for the top nut. If going for looks,put the old one in for show, but they will fall apart and really not much of a filter anyway.
  • Rob FayetteRob Fayette Posts: 98Expert Adviser
    Thanks 53hud54 for posting the Napa part number.  I will definitely check that out.  It sounds like a good solution.
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