Overdrive fault

GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,713Senior Contributor
Asking for opinions please.  My Jet has developed a fault, when kicking down from overdrive, occasionally, the engine revs madly and then the direct drive engages with a huge "clunk".  When free wheeling, below cut-in speed, the  drive rollers engage smoothly every time.   I have checked the kick-down switch, and it works fine.   Has me puzzled, so asking if anyone else has had similar problems.


  • EdwardjohnsrEdwardjohnsr Posts: 169Expert Adviser
    I don't claim to be an expert but it sounds to me that the wiring to short out the coil briefly and allow the overdrive to disengage is not functioning.  Take a look at the overdrive wiring picture in the manual and check to see that it is OK in the car.

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