Radial tires stepdown

2nevets2nevets Posts: 116Member
Anyone run the Coker wide white wall radials on their Hudson? if so how do they work? do they rub at all?


  • RichardDRichardD Posts: 662Member
    I have 235/75 Coker www radials on my '53. They DO NOT RUB AT ALL AND NEVER HAVE. Maybe if someone didn't have a Panhard rod at the rear they might there.
    However, I do not recommend you go that size. Suggest 215 or 225. My tires were on the car when I got it. 
    NOTE: I believe the 235/70/15 would rub at rear.
    The 235s will NOT fit down in the spare tire recess.
     I also recommend you use Diamond Back and NOT Coker.
    I have power steering so I do not know if 235s might steer 'heavy' with manual; but to me: any stepdown w/o power steering is a handful !! But I am OLD ~~~
  • 2nevets2nevets Posts: 116Member
    Thank you
  • 2nevets2nevets Posts: 116Member
    I might go with the BF Goodrich Silvertown Whitewall radials
  • cheyenne7271cheyenne7271 Posts: 61Member
    A 215/75-15 is close to the 7.10-15 and a 225/75-15 is close to the 7.60-15 and also the H-78-15. 
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