1946-47 fuel tanks

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New to board and I see there has been discussions before but have not had any luck on finding a source for a new one or a good used one. any leads would be great!


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    Car or truck? They are different.
  • jasonh285jasonh285 Posts: 2Member
    car, coupe 
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    I need one also if there are two out there. Also need one for a 39 Packard just in case somebody knows of one
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    I used tanks inc. Measured my old one and got one that was close to my size it worked out well for my truck 
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,152Administrator
    As you may know, MoparPro http://www.moparpro.com/ has started reproducing tanks for StepDowns.  The first time, to my knowledge, any company has attempted this.  I don't know for sure, but I think they are discovering that the market for these tanks was better than one might have thought.  Therefore, they might entertain the idea of making tanks for the '46-7's (would they also fit the '42's, and maybe even earlier?).  If you (or someone else) are public-spirited and willing to get involved, you might contact them and ask what it might take to have them go into production with a '46-7 tank.  You could send them the dimensions from the old one, and maybe a photo.  The bottom line is: how many could they sell?  And, what would it take to convince them to go into limited production (and if they did, how much would such a tank cost)?  Then, if you could come up with 100 Hudson owners willing to pony up a down payment, would that be enough to convince them?  150 owners?  200 owners?  Then, you could come back here (and also write something for the WTN, which probably has wider circulation than this forum), announce the proposed re-manufacture, and "ask for a show of hands" to gauge the amount of interest in doing this.

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