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Hey everyone, I’m a new member and current owner of a 1937 Hudson deluxe coupe and 1941 business coupe. Super excited to have them and now need places to find parts . It’s all original but I’m looking for fender skirts for it with the wings on it. Any luck out there? 


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    I suggest you check out two discussions about skirts, on this forum, earlier this year:

    I think "Bent Metal" only produces these skirts once in awhile.  And I don't know about the other fellow (reference by Joe Gleydura).

    Here is a photo of what the original skirt would have looked like on the back, courtesy of Gregg Maroney:

    I have seen reproductions made over the years, but they are not as simple as these (you just lift a lever to release them), and require a number of bolts to be tightened.  As to the ornament, you may have to buy them separately and bolt them on, if they don't come with the skirts.  They pop up once in awhile on Ebay.

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    That's my '37 pictured above in the bottom Link. I have Joe Gleydura's Skirts on two of my Hudson's for several years and I really like them. They fasten underneath unlike the original and work great for me. Joe  can be reached at 828 244 4441.
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