Installing the BEST graphtite head gasket

Note back from Best Gasket ----

We recommend a copper coat spray on both sides of our GraphTite head gaskets.

 Roy Lucero

Best Gasket

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  • Ol racerOl racer Posts: 2,518Senior Contributor
    That's good to hear since ive always done it then hung until tacky...
  • railknightrailknight Posts: 388Expert Adviser
    Used Copper Coat spray on the NOS Felpro head gasket for my '53 Super Wasp's 262 (wide block) engine.  Did a nice job sealing!
  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,471Senior Contributor
    Some more info sent to me---

    I saw the Forum  about the Best Gaskets,and my take is as follows.  I have had Blown Fire Rings on a number of the Gaskets on Iron and Aluminum  heads. But not on the old style Metal Sandwitch  type.  If you look very close to the Fire Ring and the very Small and NARROW Fold they have clamping force on the Composition and the Fact that if you hold the new gasket in hands you can Move some of the so called Fire Ring from side to side a small amount.

     The Ring is not wide enough, then look at one of the old style Metal type  ( Fel-Pro)  or Victor and you will see that the Fire-Ring is Part of One Side of the metal gasket  and it is folded over by machine and becomes the Ring itself. This makes the Ring very strong as it is part of the make up.      The head and Gasket will move a very small amount under power That is why Manufacturers of Engines do not install Dowells to block to Cyl heads.

      I had a Best Gasket with 1/2 holes and Aluminum head 7/16 to Distort and actually elongate The Fire Rings  on each cyl. with not to many Miles. ( the 1/2 inch holes let the gasket move over till the 7/16 studs touched the holes in the gasket. It was torqued to 65-70  ft lbs )   He now uses the metal gasket on Hudson Aluminum heads with No Gasket failures.

         I have 4-5 308 best head gaskets for sale and Very cheeeeep

         The 46 Hudson has a Turbo. and I use the aluminum 308 cyl head 0.40 over and with only 7 lbs of boost with 75 ft nut torque on cyl head  and so far it has lasted 3-4 years with steel gasket.  ( i hope it lasts much longer as it is my Every day  Car. Hot or Freezing days ) 

     One other Step as told by    SMOKEY  U.   Install all head gaskets with the Fire-Ring Fold DOWN so as to seat on the Block, NOT the head.  ( the head and gasket moves a very very small amount under Power and this way will let the Sharp edge of the gasket rings   make a small indention on the cyl head  and you can have the head Milled to remove these but not the Top of block.   232-262-308  engine and to seat on the cylinder head not the block.



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