37 terraplane

whipwhip Posts: 16Member
I am in search of the curve shaped hood pieces that extend from the grille moulding and the one that goes on the top of the cowl vent. Also I need two chrome or stainless head light rings. I will try to post a picture.  I will have the front and rear bumpers and guards for sale or trade soon.  All of this is 1937 Hudson Terraplane


  • whipwhip Posts: 16Member
    Here or the pics of what I am looking for
  • whipwhip Posts: 16Member
    I have found the curve shaped hood pieces.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,088Administrator
    Incidentally, when I re-mounted all three of these items on my hood / cowl vent, I drilled and tapped very small holes in the location where the original studs were peened over.  Then I secured the items from below.  I think I used a #4 or #6 screw.  The attachment has held just fine for about 48 years!
  • whipwhip Posts: 16Member
    THANKS  Jon B   I had the hood pieces made from solid stainless and the cowl vent   mounted with new studs drilled in to the piece
  • karlkarl Posts: 67Member
    What condition are the front bumper and guards in?
  • whipwhip Posts: 16Member
    bumpers sold
  • 29sptphaeton29sptphaeton Posts: 299Member
    I think there are 37 Terraplane bumpers on eBay?
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