Looking for 1947 trim fasteners

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I looking for fasteners to hold the long trim located below the grill of my 1947 pick up. The ones I have left are to rusty to reuse. Any one have any to to sell? Is there something more modern that would work? If so where can I locate them? This is for the long trim pieces that wrap around the front. 


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    Oftentimes auto body paint stores have selections of clips of various designs which may work for these trim pieces.  They may not resemble the originals but could work. I am also almost ready to search for the clips for my 47 pickup 
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    This page lists several sources that will have options to the original pieces in their stock.
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    I bought clips from these guys http://stores.restorationspecialties.com/. Under moulding fasteners or just put Hudson in the search box

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    I got some (I think) elevator bolts at the hardware store.  Large head which I ground 2 sides flat to fit in the trim.  BTW, restorationspecialties has the clips that go in the grill bars in stock, listed for 46 Hudson.
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  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,646Senior Contributor
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    The above pic is a restorationspecialties adjustable fastener, just break to size, the othere is the fender washer from the hardware store with a hole for a #10 screw which I ground 2 flats on to fit the moulding.
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    thanks guys for all the great ideas. It proves that sometimes there is more than one good idea to get the job done. 
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