1931 Hudson tools

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Hello i am new here and to the club so thanks for have me...i would like to know if  anyone has photos or for sale the jack and hand crank for a 1931 Hudson U 8 cyl. also did Hudson put Hudson on there tools...thanks Stace


  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,115Administrator
    I don't have this info, but I'm sure that someone will jump in here with an answer for you.

    Meanwhile, one approach you could try, would be to contact fellow '31 owners for information on the correct tools.  If you're in the Club you'll have a printed roster, but the easiest way is to go to the Club website (assuming you are a member and have privileges there) and then go to MEMBER / VEHICLE REGISTRY / 1930-31 HUDSON and then you'll see a listing of all the '30 and '31 Hudsons registered with the Club, along with the last-known owner's name.  Then you can go to the membership registry, type in that name, and (if he/she is still a Club member) find the contact information.
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    I will try that  just want to see if i could get help here....Stace
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    Also, Stace, you might want to give your rough location.  There's a chance that a fellow '31 owner, learning that you're not that far from him, would be motivated to contact you with information.  It never hurts to have someone with an identical car nearby, in case you want to take photos or measurements. 
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    shops idea I am just out side of Phila.
  • stacestace Posts: 5Member
    That is good idea 
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