Twin H Emblems Reproduced again

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Bob Hoyle in Illinois has a few more Twin-H-Emblems Reproduced again. These Emblems are very difficult to find now in usable condition and as far as I know, Bob is the only one reproducing them..

He only had a few cast and chrome plated so suggest calling Bob @ 815 288 6140.

 ( I will insert a pic when I receive mine)


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    Attached is a picture of the Reproduction Trunk Twin H Emblem from Bob Hoyle. . Bob has a Mold made with a Shop to cast them and a Plater to chrome the casting. Bob has 1 or 2 to sell yet and if there is enough interest he will have more made. The whole Process takes about a month to receive it if not in stock. 815 288 6140  cell 815 973 4951 (Its nicer than pictured)

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    I just communicated with Bob Hoyle. He can make another batch, I AM getting at least 2 . If you want some, you need to contact him now at the numbers above. It takes about 4-6 weeks lead time for them to be cast and then plated before they are ready to ship.
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    Ken,                                                                                                                                         That's really great support to an HET Member that took the iniatitive to create a Twin H Mold , contacted a reliable Foundry, and Plate Shop to reproduce an Emblem that's hard to find used in decent condition. I wish I could have taken a better picture of the emblem. Personally, I don't feel Bob Hoyl can make much on them considering his time & travel taking the pieces to & from the different Shops, so apparently doing for love of our Cars.... I hope he can sell a few more going forward....

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