Wanted- 308 engine

Hello folks! I’m looking for a complete 308 engine somewhere around Denver Colorado. I’m willing to travel a little bit. I would like a complete engine, but it does not need to have the intake or exhaust manifold, but if it does have them that’s cool too. I would like one that is not locked up, and possibly something easy to get running. Please let me know if you have anything. Thanks!


  • ChrisPacemakerChrisPacemaker Posts: 9Member
    I’m also ok possibility shipping the engine through fastenal if the seller was ok with crating it. 
  • bull_islanderbull_islander Posts: 581Expert Adviser
    Have you checked with Al Saffrahn?  Close to you.
  • ChrisPacemakerChrisPacemaker Posts: 9Member
    No I have not. I just looked him up and will give him a call. Thank you for the suggestion 
  • ski4life65ski4life65 Posts: 1,101Expert Adviser
    I don't have any 308's to get rid of, but if you want a 262, I have a few cheap (and I am in Aurora). I have a lot of other parts too
  • MartinMartin Posts: 37Member
    Any 308 7x engines around  ?....me in Pensacola Fl. area...Thanks !
  • BrowniepetersenBrowniepetersen Posts: 2,870Senior Contributor

    I would go with what Lance has.  Purchased parts for him and he is great to deal with.  I would not consider putting a engine other than a 308 in a stepdown.  with the engineering that is available today the performance and HP is much better than the 7x engine, besides the only 7x's I have seen have been rebuild and modified.  A 262 with a 232 head or an original 7x can only be seen in my rearview mirror.  Just my opinion...

  • MartinMartin Posts: 37Member
    Thanks for comments...I got a message to Lance going...so we will see
  • ChrisPacemakerChrisPacemaker Posts: 9Member
    I found a 308 locally. Thank you for all of your recommendations and offers!
  • 46HudsonPU46HudsonPU Posts: 531Administrator
    Martin said:
    Any 308 7x engines around  ?....me in Pensacola Fl. area...Thanks !
    Please start your own post/thread - do not 'hijack' someone else's post...
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