1935 Terraplane project value help

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Will be selling for a widowed friend looking for ballpark value. Updated front end and drivetrain. Needs interior finished. Many good parts.
Also have original engine, transmission and rear end to sell.


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    It will probably be helpful to give a bit of additional information in order to hazard a ballpark price.  One important aspect is, "in what ways is the car 'updated' ?"

    First, is the car now driveable?  I see that the headlights are missing: does this mean that the car is not yet complete and driveable?

    How is the drive train and front end updated?  In updating it, was any part of the car modified by cutting or welding to the original structure?  This is important to know, because of the car was "street rodded" in a way that is "reversible" it will be of interest both to street rodders and antique enthusiasts (who could bring the car back to its original condition rather easily).  If the top has been chopped or the frame cut in order to fit in a more modern engine, then the car would be marketed purely to those who are not seeking an antique car.  

    The paint job looks great!

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    Body is not modified that I can see. The original frame has modifications with what I believe is a Mustang II type front end and Ford 9" rear. Most wiring appears to be complete except finish dash and lights.
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    where is it located in the world?
    engine? trans? interior? brakes?

    It seems pretty darn close to going. Would get way more if you got it driving.
    Seems some one will get a good deal as the car will only be worth a fraction of what the builder paid to get it to that point at the moment and way under assembled and going price.

    49 Hudson Build thread (picture heavy, may need to refresh if images dont show.)
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    Located in Oregon. Widow says her husband put Ford in it. Not sure what engine and transmission. 302, 351 possibly with automatic? Front power disc brakes rear Ford drum. I believe it drives now with no gauges connected or lights.
    I'm familiar with the value of Ford street rods in the 32-35 year range, but not a 35 Trerraplane. What might finished value be? Value as-is?
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    Is the transmission still for sale?

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