My Essex was my first car

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G/Day everyone,
I am from Australia and my first car was a 1928 Essex which I bought when I was still at school, 1968. I have restored "her" and named her Myrtle after the first owner. Through some remarkable coincidences I have the full history of the car. My wife and I have travelled about 40,000 miles in Myrtle and the Essex is still going strong.  In addition, I have bought 1937 Hudson Clubman sedan and have enjoyed driving this beautiful car on long distance runs.
Roy and Helen


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    Both of your vehicles are BEAUTIES!  thanks for sharing pictures of your fine HUDSON MOTOR CAR Company products.
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    Welcome aboard the Open Forum, Roy and Helen!  I will assume that you are members of (or at least know about) either the Hudson / AMC Car Club of Australia, or the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club.  (Or both!)  Those are two beautiful cars.  Is the '37 a long wheelbase model, with the hinged shelf on the back of the front seat?  It appears to have most of the "bells and whistles" for 1937, including the fender lamps, sidemounts, fender skirts and exterior horns.  (I have a '37 Terraplane, and have converted the fender lamps to directional signals). 

    In regards to your 1928 Essex, do you know Geoff Clark of Nelson, N.Z.?  He's the resident expert on '28 Essexes (both here and in the H-E-T Club), should you have any technical questions. 
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    Thanks Glowplug and Jon B for kind your comments. Jon, I am a member and President of the HETNR Qld. Inc. club and I know about the two clubs you mentioned. May I add that we are hosting the Australian Hudson National Rally at Ipswich (Qld.) in September 2020 which should be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to it.

    Concerning the 37 Hudson, I don't have a hinged shelf on the back of the front seat. I do need a ash tray cover (nickel plated with a brown plastic decoration) for one of the rear ash trays. Not that it is likely to be used though!

    I am a friend of Geoff Clark and he has been a great help to me on some technical questions.  He even let me drive his 1928 Essex which I thought was very brave of him.  His Essex performed very well.
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    Helen, pls post a photo of what you need. That man in Adelaide may have one for you. 
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