Carburetor leaking

JFrommJFromm Posts: 272Senior Contributor
Had my carburetor rebuilt for my '54 Jet.   It is a Carter WA1.  Mounted on manifold, started car up and gas was coming out of bottom of bowl where drain screw is.  Was sent another gasket and screw, and it still leaked.  Was sent another rebuilt carburetor and it too leaks at the same spot.  Has anyone else had this problem?  If so, how did you fix this?
Any idea what is going on? 


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    John... a visual of the problem makes for a better result in diagnosis by we who are out in the wide world of the INTERNET. But with that said;  I read and re read your post and I have a guess that maybe reason for the gas leakage you are experiencing.  
    You note several attempts to remedy the gas leak... in those is the fact you have tried two different carburetors and have the same gas leak.  Guessing here... I am assuming your carburetors are coming from the same vendor.  The vendor I have in mind ... bench checks his work before the carburetors are returned to the customer.   A leak would be reason for not sending the carburetor to the customer.  If my suppositions are correct... the problem most probably DOES NOT LIE WITH THE CARBURETOR.  If you look at the posted picture the red arrow points to the fuel inlet location on a WAI carburetor. I suspect that your fuel line or the fitting that attaches it to the carburetor has a defect that is causing the leak and that leak is being seen as fuel dripping off the bottom of the fuel bowl screw at the bottom of the carburetor.  Very small cracks and nicks in the fitting are culpable sources of fuel leaks.  I for one have experienced these fuel delivery leaks and it is frustrating when trying to diagnose the leak origin.

    Good Luck
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    I always use a small amount of fuel proof thread sealer on the fitting and just snug down the fitting.  If you crank hard on the fitting you will crack the casting.  No leaks even if there is a small crack or an imperfection in the old fitting.  Just wipe off the excess.


  • JFrommJFromm Posts: 272Senior Contributor
    The fuel is not leaking from there. It is leaking from what I assume is a drain plug screw at the bottom of the bowl under your diagram. Will take a picture and post it to show the exact location of the problem. Thanks for the help.
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    John, you have missed the point of the post, which  is that the fuel could be leaking from the  input, and tracking down the bowl, giving the appearance e of a leak form the screw.  Have you removed the  float bowl lid and checked that the bowl is empty?  surely a leak from the drain screw could be remedied with a fibre or copper washer?
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