Oil Pan Damaged Wire Mesh Replacement

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After I dropped my oil pan and cleaned it out a little, I found that the screens inside we're missing or badly damaged.

I had a few of questions about them:

  1. Would I just replace them with something like a stainless steel woven wire 20 mesh? Or is something else better?
  2. How could I attach them to the pan?
  3. What could have caused the gashes in the two damaged screens? I did not find anything in the pan that looks like it could have caused this.


  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,888Senior Contributor
    Originally they were copper mesh, and were soldered to the steel of the pan. I would suggest silver solder with a flux. Copper mesh was used because it has good thermal conductivity and was relatively easy to solder to the steel pan. Stainless mesh has poor thermal conductivity and thus is more difficult to solder satisfactorily. The mesh used appears to be about #30 mesh with 0.012" wire diameter.
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 492Senior Contributor
    Theses guys have Copper Mesh:

  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,888Senior Contributor
    If you order from McMaster this appears closest to 30 mesh;
    30 × 300.021"40%0.012"9224T82

  • longlivelancelonglivelance Posts: 63Member
    Thanks for the info, explanation, & links! I've ordered some of that copper mesh and will do my best to clean these pans up with the advice I have received.
  • longlivelancelonglivelance Posts: 63Member
    Thanks everyone who added some info here for me. After a few weeks of practicing brazing, I was able to build enough skill to fix the mesh in the pan. It is the only thing I've ever brazed before. It isn't perfect, or nearly as nice as the one Brian showed me, but it is going to do its job!

  • danthemandantheman Posts: 31Member
    looks good!  I just did mine from my 36 Terraplane.  Used the screen from McMaster but used JB Weld epoxy to attach it.  Needed to clean it extremely well with solvent but it seems to be holding very well>
  • longlivelancelonglivelance Posts: 63Member
    Thanks Dan. Glad to hear that worked out. Sounds a bit easier then my route. I thought this would force me to learn some new skills, which it did.

    I’m finishing cleaning it up the inside and painting the exterior today. Looking a bit better now. Be glad to get it back on and see if the engine starts. 
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