How to remove a rat sized lump of varnish out of my gas tank ??????

ZzappedZzapped Posts: 25Member

Looking for ideas to remove a rat sized lump of varnish out of my gas tank... its on the side of the baffle that has no access. I had my welder try to burn it out, had my powder coat guy bake it for an hour...

I could use muriatic acid but my fear is the lump is so large the acid if it sits to long could eat the weaker parts of the tank.... any ideas??



  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 1,961Expert Adviser
    Sadly one usually has to resort to cutting a hole in the top of the tank and removing what you need to remove then rewelding the tank.  Probably not a solution you want to hear.
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    The lump may be gas tank sealer. I had a tank from a 54 Hudson with a lump in it that looked like blanket. When I finally got it out and unfolded it it was a complete liner of sealer that had separated from the rusty tank. I guess the tank hadn’t been properly cleaned before the sealer was added.
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    Well I decided to do a test... Acetone, Paint Stripper, and Thinner to see if anyone of these would dissolve what I thought might be gas turned to varnish... looking at a piece of the material it seems to be a plastic of some kind.. its hard and brittle in smaller pieces.

    29sptphaeton, you might be on to something, none of my solvents did anything to the material... it looked like the previous owner tried to do something with the tank and maybe he used a sealer as it did have some pin holes...

    Glowplug, not the solution I wanted to here but I don't think I have any other choice... the clump is to large and will not pass through the baffle open corners....

    I wonder if I left it in what would happen...………………?

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    Drain the tank.  Flush with kerosene a couple of times to render it non-explosive.  Cut a 3-sided hole in the tank over it's location.  Bend it up enough to get the rat out, then clean the edges with your Dremel and solder it shut.
  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,641Senior Contributor
  • ZzappedZzapped Posts: 25Member

    Thanks guys for your expertise, this is what I did... first I took Uncle Joshes suggestion to cut my tank... pulled out a fist size plastic of I believe tank sealer that was not done correct... good call on that one 29sptphaeton.

    The next was to welder up & install.

    Thanks Guys..

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